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Warren Slocum Will Not Seek Re-election

Warren Slocum, Chief Elections Officer & Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder

Today, Warren Slocum advised the staff in our office, San Mateo County leaders and the public at large of his intention not to seek re-election. 

In his own words…

I am announcing today that I will not seek re-election as San Mateo County’s Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder. It has been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to serve the people of this great county.

I was first elected in 1986 and have served in government since 1976 – over thirty years. I am ready to consider doing other things – making other contributions to our community.

During my terms of office, I have had the good fortune to work with some of the best and brightest elected officials and the finest men and woman in government. The residents of San Mateo County are blessed with a stable, well-run county government.

My father always taught me that one person can make a difference. I believe this to be true. This belief is shared among the people that have worked for me and together we have created a legacy of excellence and innovation. While I will miss these outstanding men and women, I will find new opportunities and continue to make a difference in the community.

 My current term of office will end in January 2011. I will use the remaining months of my term to complete some of my initiatives. I have talked with the County Manager and the President of the Board of Supervisors and made my plans known.

 The election for all elected county positions will be on June 8; the filing period for these offices will open on February 16 and close on March 12.  However, as in my case, if an incumbent does not file by March 12, the filing period is extended to March 17.


A New Voter Registration System for San Mateo County

The County Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of a new Voter Registration System on November 10, which will make way to much more efficient and cost-effective registration and election management processes.

The new system, DFM’s Elections Information Management System (EIMS), supports automated data entry using intelligent character recognition and will nearly eliminate the fully manual data entry process used today.

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Write In Period Open

If you’re still interested in running for office in the November 3, 2009 election, you now have an opportunity to file as a write-in candidate.

The write-in filing period opened September 7 and closes October 20 at 5 p.m.

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Review period ends 09/04

September 4 marks the end of the review period for rebuttals to arguments in favor of and against measures on the November 3 ballot.

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Final Documents due for November Election

filing2Five p.m. today marks the deadline for rebuttal arguments and impartial analysis statements for measures included in the November 3, 2009 ballot.

Twenty measures were submitted to the Elections Office for inclusion in November’s election, all of which are City measures. There are no county measures, nor any school district measures, up for voter consideration.

Since all are city measures, the main contact for document filing is the City Clerk of each respective jurisdiction. City clerks are election officials for local elections, and can choose to use the County to execute the actual election. Once documents are filed at the City level, the City Clerk transmits the hard (paper) and soft (electronic) copies of the filing to the County’s filing officer, Lupe Sanchez.

Upon each submission deadline is a public review period. The public review period, which allows the general public to review the accuracy and validity of arguments, for the rebuttal arguments and impartial analysis statements begins at 5 p.m. today and ends September 3 at 5 p.m.

“Any review of the documents need to be conducted through the cities directly,” said Sanchez.

This means that all measure documents filed thus far can be viewed on each city’s website as appropriate. A full roster of measures can be viewed on the County Elections website at The cities with measures on the ballot are:

Primary Arguments for May 19 and June 2 Due

Primary arguments in favor of and against the measures up for election on May 19 and June 2 are due by 5 p.m. on March 13.  Some arguments have already been submitted, and we anticipate the remaining arguments to arrive shortly!

Did you know that in addition to filing the “hard” copy of the arguments, we also ask for a “soft” copy? It’s not a requirement, but it’s something that really helps us out with the Sample Ballot & Voter Information Pamphlet process.

Because the arguments (and ballot questions,  full texts, and impartial analyses) are all included in the Sample Ballot & Voter Information Pamphlet, it’s important for us to be sure that the text is transcribed exactly as submitted.  If we type it out, there’s always a chance for error, which results in extra man hours used for proofing and correcting.

By having a soft copy of the filed documents, we can simply proof it once to make sure it matches the hard copy, import the text into our publication software, then proof it again to make sure nothing got messed up.

It really helps us out!

Upcoming 2009 Elections

Now that the state has officially called is calling for a May 19 Special Statewide Election, what does it mean for residents of San Mateo County?

Well, in some parts of the County, election season is pretty much going to kick into high gear.

May 5’s ballot already contains measures for residents of the Jefferson Elementary School District, San Carlos School District, and Woodside School District.

While a resolution has not yet been officially filed with our office (at press time),  it’s looking like The City of Pacifica will have a measure on a June 2 ballot.

Unlike the May 5 election, which will be conducted as an “all mail ballot election”, both the Special Statewide Election on May 19 and the June 2 City of Pacifica Special Election will require polling places for voters to cast their ballot in person.

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