AB 1717 – Supporting the ecoVoter

Kudos to Assembly Member de León and Assembly Member Jerry Hill from San Mateo County on the successful passage of AB 1717!  With the stroke of a pen , the Governor signed into law a bill that will allow voters to choose to receive their Sample Ballot & Official Voter Pamphlet in an electronic format beginning in 2011.

We have a hunch that a group of “early adopters” will sign up to “opt-out” of getting their Sample Ballot & Official Voter Pamphlet in the mail. For many people,  using a computer is the most natural place to get information.  It’s easier  than looking for the Sample Ballot pamphlet that you put someplace…and it won’t matter if someone else in the household tossed it out. The beauty of an online Sample Ballot that can be viewed or downloaded and printed from a website is that it is always available whenever you need it, where ever you are. It does more than reduce our carbon footprint and save trees (and money); it’s really convenient.

And, for those voters who try it and find that it’s not for them – they can change their mind at any time and resume the practice of getting it delivered in the mail. We hope people will “opt out”!  Right now, we’re working out the options. If you’re somebody who prefers to access information electronically, would you rather get the pamphlet from a website or have it emailed to you? Would you like a text message that says when it’s available?  Let us know.


One response to “AB 1717 – Supporting the ecoVoter

  1. Sacramento is way ahead of the pack on this one. Only one of the dozen people I asked received an English language state voter pamphlet for the June 2010 election, –and he got it after the election was over!

    After canceling their voter pamphlets, I doubt that most of those voters will ever get around to reading them on-line, despite an intention to do so. The hassle factor, and the lack of a physical reminder, will mean few ballot pamphlet readers among polling place voters canceling their pamphlets.

    Ironically, I suspect that vote-by-mail voters will be the most likely on-line readers, because they will get a paper-based reminder (equivalent to a sample ballot!) in the mail, and have more lead time to research their votes.

    I think this is another milestone (albeit a very minor one) on the downgrading of the quality of the vote. I hope I’m wrong.

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