Review period ends 09/04

September 4 marks the end of the review period for rebuttals to arguments in favor of and against measures on the November 3 ballot.


At 5 p.m., the 10-day review period will close, at which time our office intends to finalize the Sample Ballot and Official Voter Information Pamphlet and send to the printer shortly after.

Measures, impartial analysis statements, and related arguments/rebuttals can be viewed on the Shape The Future website at, or by contacting the appropriate jurisdiction.

For city offices and measures, the respective City Clerk is responsible for coordinating the filing process in an election. City-related filings are submitted to the city clerks, who then forward the information to our office for inclusion on the official ballot, sample ballot & official voter information pamphlet, and any other election-specific material. Click here for more information on how to contact a city clerk.

School and special districts submit information directly to our office, with filing officer Lupe Sanchez.


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