Final Documents due for November Election

filing2Five p.m. today marks the deadline for rebuttal arguments and impartial analysis statements for measures included in the November 3, 2009 ballot.

Twenty measures were submitted to the Elections Office for inclusion in November’s election, all of which are City measures. There are no county measures, nor any school district measures, up for voter consideration.

Since all are city measures, the main contact for document filing is the City Clerk of each respective jurisdiction. City clerks are election officials for local elections, and can choose to use the County to execute the actual election. Once documents are filed at the City level, the City Clerk transmits the hard (paper) and soft (electronic) copies of the filing to the County’s filing officer, Lupe Sanchez.

Upon each submission deadline is a public review period. The public review period, which allows the general public to review the accuracy and validity of arguments, for the rebuttal arguments and impartial analysis statements begins at 5 p.m. today and ends September 3 at 5 p.m.

“Any review of the documents need to be conducted through the cities directly,” said Sanchez.

This means that all measure documents filed thus far can be viewed on each city’s website as appropriate. A full roster of measures can be viewed on the County Elections website at The cities with measures on the ballot are:


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