It’s Election Day!

It’s not just Cinco de Mayo today – even though that’s cause to celebrate…it’s Election Day for three San Mateo County elementary school districts.  The three districts are the Jefferson, San Carlos and Woodside elementary districts. The

Local elections usually impact voters more than federal and state elections.

Local elections usually impact voters more than federal and state elections.

Jefferson Elementary School District serves students who live in Daly City, Colma and portions of Pacifica; the district has 33,255 registered voters. The San Carlos School District serves students in San Carlos; this district has 17,003 voters. The Woodside Elementary School District which serves students from the Town of Woodside only has a total of 2,257 voters in the district.

All three elections were conducted by mail – and the majority of the voted ballots have already been received at the Elections Office and processed for this election. Only the tallying and the reporting remain. Semi-official results will be available at 8:05 p.m. tonight and posted on No additional results will be posted.  One election results update to is planned for Friday, May 8. All three school districts are seeking parcel tax support from their constituents to help them with budget constraints, so that also means that all three measures will require a 2/3rd vote for passage. It’s a nail-biting time for those involved in these campaigns.

If you’re one of those last minute voters who lives in one of these school districts, you can still vote today until 8 p.m., but you’ll have to drop off your voted mail ballot at your local city hall or the Elections Office at 40 Tower Road in San Mateo. (Ballots dropped off at city halls during regular business hours are accepted and will count, but the city halls aren’t open late.) Since this election was conducted all mail – there are no polling places open today for voting. Your mailbox was your polling place–the other option is to drop off your ballot.


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