Upcoming 2009 Elections

Now that the state has officially called is calling for a May 19 Special Statewide Election, what does it mean for residents of San Mateo County?

Well, in some parts of the County, election season is pretty much going to kick into high gear.

May 5’s ballot already contains measures for residents of the Jefferson Elementary School District, San Carlos School District, and Woodside School District.

While a resolution has not yet been officially filed with our office (at press time),  it’s looking like The City of Pacifica will have a measure on a June 2 ballot.

Unlike the May 5 election, which will be conducted as an “all mail ballot election”, both the Special Statewide Election on May 19 and the June 2 City of Pacifica Special Election will require polling places for voters to cast their ballot in person.

We’ll be opening recruitment for Election Officers, Field Techs, and other necessary field positions for both elections.  We’ll also be needing some help at our Tower Road office to conduct the various behind-the-scenes work like preparing Red Supply Cases, testing for logic & accuracy, and (eventually) the Official Canvass.

Jurisdictions hoping to consolidate with either election have to act fast.  In order to consolidate with the May 19 election, resolutions would have to be filed no later than Fri., Feb. 20 at 5 p.m.  March 6 at 5 p.m. is the deadline for filing resolutions to consolidate with the June 2 election.

On a separate note…Keep in mind that with all of these upcoming elections, San Mateo County residents will be getting an influx of election-related mail.  Before you toss aside your junk mail, make sure you hang onto anything that has the image below on its cover:


That image means the mail piece is something important like your Official Ballot or your Voter Information Pamphlet.  You don’t want to toss those away!

Have questions or concerns?  Feel free to contact our office at 650-312-5222 or registrar@smcare.org.  You can also follow San Mateo County election news as it breaks on our Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/smcvote.


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  1. I am a certified Double Inspector is is at your disposal for the elections coming up.

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