Elections Clean Up Continues

Northern California Paper Recyclers, Inc., arrives this week to conduct certified destruction and recycling of unused ballot paper stock.

They’ve already come and conducted the certified recycling of materials during the November 2008 Presidential General Election, but now they are coming to pick up materials that remained unused.  The unused ballot paper stock that’s being picked up this week had been stored in a secured location within the Elections Office.

Once the material is destroyed and recycled, Northern California Paper Recyclers will provide the Elections Office with a “Certificate of Destruction” for our records.

In the “quiet period” between elections, the Elections Office does much to organize and prepare for future craziness.  You’ve read about our efforts to keep up-to-date on voter registration and update policies and procedures, and general archiving.  Part of these efforts included the organization of our secured locations, resulting in the need to discard the unused ballot paper stock.

As of now, there are no other scheduled elections for 2009 until November.  However, until then, our office will continue tomake these efforts to maintain and improve operations.


One response to “Elections Clean Up Continues

  1. This is a fascinating post! I’ve always wondered about how certified destruction of used and unused ballot materials is handled. I have two requests if you have time and think it worth the time:

    1. Could you go into more detail in terms of how they do the certified destruction? Is it just a piece of paper they give you or did someone in your office actually initially (or in an ongoing manner) witness part or all of the destruction? Do they bring an industrial shredder to your office for this (you can surf youtube and see some very fascinating shredders that will eat whole filing cabinets… search for “WATCH IT SHRED! Filing Cabinet”).

    2. How is destruction of *used* ballot materials handled? Obviously, it would have to be after the 22 month period for federal elections and the similar period for state elections… but I wonder if it’s any different of a process?

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