Jury Duty pool comes from DMV and Voter Registration

jurysummonsDid you know that the courts pull information from voter registration records as well as DMV to summons people for jury duty?

That also means that if you’re registered to vote under a slightly different name or address from your registration at DMV, you may be called on more often than most.

Every day, the Elections Office imports files from the DMV that help us to match voter names to DMV names.  If there is a possible (but not exact) match, we send out new voter registration cards to those people to prevent duplicates in the two systems.

However, not all names are always caught.  Take, for example, fictional voter Jane Smith.  In the voter record, she is listed as Jane Smith.  Her driver’s license says Jane Anne Smith.  There’s a possibility that it doesn’t get caught by the system, or that she doesn’t re-register to vote if we do send her a new card.  Jane will probably get twice as many jury duty notices than her fellow voter.

Another example:  fictional voter John Jones.  He’s registered under the same name at both DMV and the Elections Office.  The difference:  he registered to vote (as he was supposed to) at his residential address, but registered with the DMV at a mailing address. Because two different addresses are used, the system may think that the John Jones at address 1 is a completely different person from the one at address 2.

Bottom line?  Make sure your records match if you don’t want to risk being called for jury duty more than usual.  If you’re like me, though, and don’t mind getting called for jury duty – leave it be!


2 responses to “Jury Duty pool comes from DMV and Voter Registration

  1. Please advise if my name appears different on my voter registration than on my driver license. On my driver license it is: ELEANOR ADELE NURISSO. If it is different, how can I change it on my voter registration? Thank you.

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