Highlights from the Nov. 4 Presidential Election Results

We broke a few of our local election records this November.  Voter registration climbed to 389,718; the previous high (also this year) was 368,410. There were also a record number of ballots cast- 307,350 to be exact shattering the past record of 288,533 ballots cast, an increase of nearly 20,000. The number of voters who signed up to become permanent vote by mail voters has now reached 159,145 and represents nearly 41% of the total roll. And those are just the voters who always want to vote by mail, not those that are voting that way this election–that total reached 147,819 representing 48% of the total turnout.

Whether the lawmakers like it or not, we could be headed for an Oregon model of voting by mail at some point in the future. Or some incremental versions of that model. It continues to rise in popularity with each election.

We also had 1,001 student poll workers sign up and serve on November 4! They were terrific. And to think…in 2004, when we piloted the program, we had a total of 39 students serve.

These are just some of statistics that reflect what happened on November 4. Hungry for more San Mateo County election statistics? We’re happy to oblige you–take a look!


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