Provisional Voting Explained

So they gave you a provisional ballot — now what?

We won’t turn any voter away (during polling place hours). But if we don’t find you on the Roster, you’ll be given a provisional ballot.

What does this mean? How is it any different from a regular ballot? The answer — the ballot isn’t different. It’s just processed differently.

Here’s a few of the many different scenarios that would result in a provisional ballot:

1. The voter’s name doesn’t show up on the Combined Roster-Index.
2. The voter is a Vote by Mail voter that wants to vote at the polls, but doesn’t have a Vote by Mail ballot to surrender.
3. The address printed on the roster does not match the voter’s current address.

If you vote on a provisional ballot, we’ll ask you to seal it in a green-bordered envelope that looks like this:


After this step, most voters ask us, “how do I know if my vote was counted?”

In the 28 days following the election, the Elections Office will review and determine the eligibility of each provisional voter’s ballot.  If you are eligible to vote in this election, your ballot will be counted and added to the final vote tally.

If you vote provisionally today, you can call 866-830-VOTE (8683) beginning December 2.  If it’s not counted, you are entitled to know why it did not count.

And, by the way, if you’re just looking for results from today’s election, visit beginning 8:05 p.m. and stay tuned to Channel 26!


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