Training Kicks Off Oct. 2

Over the past few months, curriculum for the upcoming election has been redesigned to offer a a more tailored selection of classes for Election Officers of varying experience.  Training classes for previous elections provided a broad procedural overview, with only labs offering one-on-one instruction for Election Officers hoping to hone specific skills.

The new training classes, which have gone through peer and management review, are now offered in three levels:  Apprentice, Journeyman, and Masters levels.

Apprentice classes are designed for Election Officers who have not previously worked a San Mateo County election, or have not worked an election in our County in the past year.  This is our “First Timers” class, and is a combination of lecture and hands-on training that will help develop experience assembling, connecting, and disassembling the eSlate voting machines. The class is three hours in length.

Journeyman classes are for those who have worked at least one San Mateo County election in the past year.  This class is primarily a lecture with hands-on exercises built into the curriculum, and lasts approximately two and a half hours.

Masters classes are ONLY for Election Officers that have worked five or more elections. The Masters Class, approximately two hours long, is “performance-based” training with voter and Election Officer scenarios and requires that the attendees have a strong foundation in polling place procedures.

Procedures classes are available Monday – Saturday, and will be held throughout the County.  A class schedule is available at Training Calendar.pdf.

Lab sessions are also available Monday – Saturday at varying times, and will all be held in the lower level of 40 Tower Road in San Mateo.

Register for training today!  Just go online to


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