RaceTracker is a Hit

The best way to measure success of a web site or other internet tool is to survey the rate of return on investment.  For some businesses, this measure may be through rate of online sales, or number of leads generated through the web.  For the San Mateo County RaceTracker, our measure of success is the number of site hits and return visitors.

From the looks of it, you like RaceTracker.

During the 10 days following the Feb. 5 Presidential Primary Election, 942 visitors checked out the RaceTracker with a total of 1173 visits.  During the same time frame following the June 3 Statewide Direct Primary, the number of visits nearly tripled, topping out at 3312.

The number of visitors grew to 1167, but that just means that more people were returning to the Web site instead of just checking it out and not coming back.

Return visits are always a good thing.  It means that visitors find the site’s information useful and that the content is holding a visitor’s attention.

That’s our goal: to provide useful and informative content that also allows the public the opportunity to learn and understand more about the elections and voting process.


2 responses to “RaceTracker is a Hit

  1. I really appreciate the way RaceTracker segregates the data by vote type!

    Two elections ago I really liked the way you could get data for all the precincts.

    Last election I was disappointed that you could select only one precinct at a time.

    This election I’m a bit happier because you can select more than one precinct, but you can only display 4 precincts at a time, and the “next page” button is broken, so you have to manually select the 4 precincts you want rather than using the paging buttons. Pages are inconvenient. I’d like to see data for all the precincts selected displayed on a single web page.

    What I’d REALLY like is the ability to download a spreadsheet with segregated data for all the precincts and all the vote types. CSV, tab-delimited, whatever, but HTML tables and PDF’s are the least useful formats for tabular data.


  2. nice blog, thanks for the information

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