What’s on the November ballot?

When’s the last time you were at a grocery store and were approached for a signature? Petitions are one of the processes where the difference that one person can make really shows through. There are a number of petitions being circulated in San Mateo County, and throughout the rest of the state, which address issues that petitioners hope to include on Nov. 4 Presidential General Election ballot.

There are eight propositions currently qualified for inclusion on the November ballot, as indicated by the California Secretary of State website. Still circulating are 25 petitions, including one that will directly affect Redwood City. This local petition, which the County is assisting Redwood City in the verification of petition signatures, is contesting the City’s planned use of the salt ponds along the bay for commercial development.

Petitions are one way for the general public to help create legislation or change existing law. The California Elections Code determines the requirements a petition must meet to become a ballot measure. For example, it sets the parameters determining the number of signatures needed for the Redwood City salt pond petition, which is different from the parameters to pass a Constitutional Amendment petition.

The San Mateo County Elections office gets the job of verifying the petition signatures. When finished, the results of the verification will be submitted to the City Clerk of Redwood City (the Elections Official for the City) to determine if the petition is valid. Your signature can make or break a petition.

If you’d like to take a look at the full list of state petitions (qualified, disqualified, and circulating) and the issues that each address for the Nov. 4 Presidential General Election, visit the California Secretary of State website at http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_j.htm.


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