Decline to State voters have a choice to make

With roughly over 82,000 Decline to State voters on the San Mateo County rolls, many County residents are weighing their partisan choices for the upcoming June 3 Statewide Direct Primary Election.

In California, it is up to each qualified political party to decide if they will allow Decline to State voters to participate in their primary. Decline to State voters, also known as independent or nonpartisan, are those who chose not to affiliate with any political party when they registered to vote. In this Election, the American Independent, Democratic, and Republican parties are allowing Decline to State voters the option to vote in their primaries.

There is still almost a week to notify the Elections Office of your choice to vote a partisan ballot. The deadline for Decline to State voters to request a partisan ballot by mail is Tues., May 27.

After the deadline, partisan ballots can still be requested in person. To exercise this option, Decline to State voters must go to one of the polling places on Election Day or to one of the Elections Offices.

Vote by Mail voters can exchange the partisan ballot that was mailed to them for an American Independent, Democratic, or Republican ballot at the polls or the Elections Offices. However, if the Vote by Mail ballot was lost or destroyed, voters can still cast a provisional ballot.

“Once we verify their eligibility and that this is the only ballot they have voted, their ballot will be counted,” explained Warren Slocum, Chief Elections Officer for San Mateo County.

Copies of the Sample Ballot and Voter Information Pamphlets in English, Chinese, and Spanish can be found on the Elections Web site at

Voters with questions regarding Decline to State voting options may call the Elections Office at (650) 312-5222, email or visit our Web site at


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