Actually, make that five candidates for the special congressional open primary

O.K., we admit it.

We screwed up with yesterday’s post about three candidates for the April 8 Special Congressional Open Primary Election, and we apologize. It actually appears that there will be five. And though we used the phrase “it’s official” preceeding those three candidates, we technically can’t say that either, because it’s up to the Secretary of State to certify the list of candidates. She has until March 3 to do so.

The reason we screwed up is embarrassingly simple: we’re so enveloped by our San Mateo County tunnel vision that we failed to check to see which potential candidates had filed with San Francisco County. Remember, the 12th Congressional District also includes part of San Francisco.

You’ll see that there’s two candidates on this list who did not file in San Mateo County, but that doesn’t exclude or disqualify them. Since the seat crosses county boundaries, the Secretary of State becomes the official “elections office.” We simply perform the filing duties and forward the results to the state, and it’s up to her office to certify everything. (And, by the way, here are the official qualifications and requirements for becoming a certified candidate.)

So, here is the official unofficial list. Remember, it won’t really be official until we get the certified list on March 3.

    · Jackie Speier, Democratic, former state senator, of Burlingame;

    · Mike Moloney, Republican, retired businessman, of Foster City;

    · Greg Conlon, Republican, businessman/CPA, of Atherton;

    · Barry Hermanson, Green, equity investor, of San Francisco; and

    · Michelle T. McMurry, Democratic, health policy director, of San Francisco.

It’s still true that if one candidate receives a majority (50 percent plus one) of votes, that candidate is declared the winner and no general election is held. But, based on the addition of two candidates, let us stand corrected on what happens if no candidate receives a majority of the votes. In that case, now, Hermanson and the top vote-getters from the Democratic and Republican parties will be placed on the ballot for a special congressional general election, which will be held on June 3 in conjunction with the Statewide Direct Primary Election.

We hope you can forgive us for the slip-up.


2 responses to “Actually, make that five candidates for the special congressional open primary

  1. I’m confused. It was my understanding that if there is no one who gets a simple majority – 50+% – then whoever wins still serves out the remainder of Lantos’ term, but in the June primary, there is a opportunity to select the Dem and Rep nominees who will then run against each other in November to see who will represent he 12th congressional district from January 2009 on.

  2. Diane, you are partly correct.

    If nobody wins a simple majority on April 8, a special general congressional election will be held on June 3 to determine who will serve out the remainder of the unexpired term. (The term expires on Jan. 3, 2009.) However, if one candidate wins a simple majority on April 8, then no special general congressional election is necessary and that person wins the seat for the remainder of the unexpired term.

    Separately and simultaneously, there is also the Statewide Direct Primary Election on June 3. During that election, you will select the nominees from each qualified political party who will then run against each other during the Nov. 3 General Election for the 12th Congressional District’s two-year term beginning on Jan. 4, 2009.

    So if no one wins a majority on April 8, you will have two separate elections on June 3 – a special general election for remainder of the unexpired term and a primary for the two-year term beginning Jan 4.

    More information can be found in our previous posts here and here about how this all works.

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