Even more improved Election Night results reporting

In November, we unveiled more useful, transparent and customizable election results reporting on our Web site. Back then we said that surely this was not your grandmother’s results reporting.

And now we’ll wager it’s not even your mother’s.

We’ve made many improvements since, especially to what we’re now calling RaceTracker (formerly Track a Contest). Instead of having to comb through pages and pages of results, it’s the easiest and fastest way to find instant and detailed the results of the races that matter to you.

Screen shot of RaceTracker on results pages of our Web site

New features include:

    · Contest votes broken down by voters who voted by mail, voted early, or voted the polls on Election Day.

    · Google maps that display the precincts that voted on a particular contest.

    · The option to view contest results in pie-chart format.

    · A cleaner, easier-to-navigate box that creates and stores your contest history so you can easily and continually check results on the races you’re interested in.

    · The ability to display contest results by precinct.

It’s pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.

All the nifty features we had last time around are still there for making Election Night results more useful and transparent, including our Precinct Tracker, which shows the real time location of voting equipment as it moves through the Election Night process, and the Tally Room Cam, which gives viewers a window into the secure room at elections headquarters were votes are tallied. Our post from November’s election will give you all the details. They’re both designed to make the process after the polls close more open and accessible to you, even from your computer.

Also still there are the evening’s reporting schedule, the results archive of previous elections and thresholds for passing ballot measures

The first results will be reported at 8:05 p.m. tonight. The next batch follows at 8:30 p.m. and every half hour thereafter until we’re done. Again, check our reporting schedule for details. As we’ve done in the past, we’ll release results in PDF format for easy download and printing (which requires Adobe Reader) and in a Web-based report directly on our Web site.

Results are just hours away; visit the results portal of our Web site here. Until then, steady streams of voters are hitting the polls. More on them later (and join them if you haven’t yet!).


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