Did you feel the Election Night frenzy?

It’s nearly 1 a.m., and we’re still here plugging away at election headquarters to get your votes counted. It was (and still is) an action packed night, with hundreds of people on hand to make it happen. A few pictures are worth a few thousand words, so we’ll go heavy on the photos this time.  You can feel that Election Night frenzy in the air…

Unloading ballot boxes and Judge’s Controller Booths at elections headquarters

Fourteen receiving stations throughout the county brought van loads of paper ballot boxes and Judge’s Booth Controllers, which contained the electronic record of votes made on the eSlates, to elections headquarters for processing.

Scanning and processing paper ballot boxes

Ballot boxes were scanned to confirm their arrival at headquarters, loaded into laundry carts, and moved off to be opened and their paper ballots manually scanned.

Scanning and processing Judge’s Booth Controller boxes

Judge’s Booth Controllers were scanned to confirm their arrival at headquarters (followable in real time on our Precinct Tracker). Note the hustle.

Judge’s Booth Controllers lining up to be processed

Judge’s Booth Controllers were lined up on a manual roller to be sent down an assembly line for processing. There’s a lot of them. One for each of 400 polling places.

Sending Judge’s Booth Controllers down the assembly line

Judge’s Booth Controllers needed a friendly human push down the manual roller assembly line. They whizzed by pretty quick.

Judge’s Booth Controllers inspected and opened

Judge’s Booth Controllers were removed from their boxes, inspected and their security seals broken.  Their memory cards, which hold the actual votes, were removed for further scanning and processing.

Eleciton folk hard at work processing Judge’s Booth Controllers

Lots of extra election folk were on hand through the night and hard at work to make it all happen.

Steve Dennison conducting the official vote tally in the secured tally room

That would be Steve Dennison, one of small handful of officials authorized to conduct the vote tally from the memory cards in our secured tally room. Not even a blogger was allowed in, but you could peer in on the action virtually on our Tally Room Cam. Race results were released on our Web site beginning at 8:05 p.m. – Vote by Mail ballots went first – and continued through 12:30 a.m.

And we’re not done yet. Stay tuned the semi-official final report at some ungodly hour.


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