Not your grandma’s Election Night reporting

We’ve been getting with the 21st century in more ways than one around here. Besides the blog and electronic voting machines, we’re unveiling a new more dynamic and transparent section of Shape the Future for reporting race results on Election Night and beyond.

Gone are the days when all we mustered on our Web site was pages and pages of static results for you to scroll through to find what you were looking for.

Welcome to the next generation of election results reporting. This is not your grandma’s Election Night.

Screen shot of new Web-based results page on Shape the Future

Some new-fangled highlights:

Track a Contest. Only interested in following the races that matter to you? Later, scroll bar. Using a drop-down menu, chose the race that you’re interested in, click the “Track Contest” button, and voila! Instant results specific to that race. Results are broken down by voting method, and you can even see how a specific precinct voted. The page also stores your history, so you can easily toggle between races.

Vote Thresholds for Passing Ballot Measures. Don’t know if a ballot measure requires a simple majority, super majority or 2/3 majority to pass? No problem. We’ve got it broken down by measure for you on an easy-to-read PDF.

Precinct Tracker. For election die-hards (or the curious), see voting equipment move in real time through the Election Day process. By following along in our Web-based barcode tracking system called AssetShadow, you can see whether a precinct’s equipment is in secured storage, at the polls, at a receiving station or at elections headquarters for counting. AssetShadow creates a transparent chain-of-custody record for each piece of election equipment, which meets new rules imposed by the California Secretary of State to ensure the integrity of your vote.

Tally Room Cam.Watch a live webcam feed of our secure tally room at Tower Road where votes are formally tabulated by election officials and added to the election results that you see online. RealPlayer is required.

Reporting Schedule. No more guessing when you’ll get updated results or incessantly hitting refresh on your Web browser. See an advance schedule of what votes we intend to release when.

As we’ve done in the past, we’ll release results in PDF format for easy download (which requires Adobe Reader) and a Web-based report directly on our Web site. But you’ll notice the Web-based report is must easier to read and navigate now, with colors and direct links to races. Quite an improvement, if we do say so ourselves.

All of this was designed with you in mind. We are making our Web site more useful, engaging and customizable to give you the information that you want clearly and quickly on the big night. We are using technology to make election processes more transparent, so that you have even greater confidence that your vote is counted as you intend it.

We hope you like it. On to Election Night!


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